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Voile rrd firewing mk4 60 2016

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promotion voile  rrd firewing mk4  -60%


firewing mk4 -60%



surface gindant wish mât rec lattes cambers prix promo
5.2 / / 370 RDM 7 3/4 819€ /
5.7 413 178 400 RDM 7 3/4 835€ /
6.3 428 188 400 RDM 7 3/4 859€ /
7.0 454 200 430 7 3/4 879€ /
7.8 484 216 460 8 3/4 919€ /
8.6 512 227 490 8 3/4 959€ /
9.2 538 233 520 8 3/4 999€ 399€

voile rrd firewing mk4 -60% 2016

   Ewindsurf  vous propose ces voiles RRD  Firewing MK IV en promotion à 60% , soit  399€ la 9.2m² .

 RRD Firewing Sails MK IV 9.2/2016 = 999€ -60% = 399€

Afin de vous permettre de découvrir ces voiles dans les meilleures conditions possibles , Ewindsurf vous propose le mat RRD Firewing C100% Hard Top adapté en taille

- Sdm 520 /2016 Test   2.20Kg  C100% : 728€  -45% = 400€

Soit la voile + son mat adapté pour moins cher que la voile au départ pour un super ensemble de Freerace .

 La voile RRD Firewing MK IV 2016 n'arrête pas de progresser depuis sa sortie  et est maintenant régulièrement utilisée en compétition avec des résultats flatteurs au plus au niveau . Voile de 3 Camber puissante dans cette famille des Freerace , elle garde un très bon contrôle dans les rafales et ne fera jamais cabrer votre flotteur . Très bien équilibré même dans les phases de non planning et renforce la sensation de légèreté .

A découvrir en détail sur l'actu : RRD Firewing MKIV 2016

Il existe un Kit race constitué d'un quatrième camber et de quatre lattes tube carbon , pour la transformer en vrai voile Slalom race 

Dans la même famille : Gaastra  Phantom , Pryde RS Slalom , Severne Overdrive , North S- Type Slalom , Point-7 AC-K.

Slalom / Racing 3 Cams

A 3 cam blaster aimed at getting the maximum speeds possible with the minimum effort. Since its birth 3 years ago the Firewing has been about allowing everyone to reach their maximum speed potential. From setting records on the Namibia speed track, to World Cup slaloms, the Firewing gives top level performance in an easy to use package. Softer and more forgiving than its rivals, the Firewing allows the rider to forget about the sail and focus on going fast. The Mk4 has seen size by size development looking to maximise performance through the entire wind range. More power and drive in the larger sizes, and more control in the smaller sizes. RTS “RaceTuningSystem” (Sold separately), the RTS Race Tuning System is an upgrade package converting an off the shelf Firewing into a 4 cam racer. With the addition of an extra camber as well as a new custom designed batten set, the weight is further reduced and the top end can be pushed even further for the ultimate speedsters.

For both the freerace rider looking to push their GPS record through to racers wanting to stand tall on the podium.

Sails Specs:
7 Battens – 5.2 / 5.7 / 6.3 / 7.0
8 Battens – 7.8 / 8.6 / 9.2
CAMS: 3/4


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 Le mat RRD Firewing C100% en promo adapté à partir de 429€

Used initially in its 3-cam set up, the Firewing feels balanced in the hands, yet doesn’t
possess a great deal of bottom end power, the high luff curve and skin tension in the leading edge providing little movement for any purposeful pumping. Letting the pressure build as the wind increases, the Firewing quickly accelerates in the hands once its threshold is reached, the power delivery soft and manageable whilst it naturally adopts a committed locked in stance. The centre of effort is quite high and back, but locked in place and there is a built in softness to the foil, helping it to move around the rider and absorb any impact as you blast over heavy seas. This year we had a chance to try the Firewing with its RTS option … and we have to say it is worth every penny! Introducing the four carbon battens and extra cam, the form of the sail is completely remodelled. The profile of the sail is noticeably deeper and the pull generated more positive in the hands. Its bottom end grunt is improved fractionally and it certainly glides through lulls more efficiently, yet the biggest difference is the sail’s character in powered conditions. With the RTS in place, the Firewing is more akin to a full slalom sail, with a loose slippery top end and a hunger to keep accelerating.

Coming alive in power to overpowered conditions, the Firewing has a soft easy power delivery, complimented by the RTS system, which is a must to really unlock the sail’s potential

RRD Firewing MK4 2016

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