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Voile point 7 salt pro 2019

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salt pro



surface gindant wish mât rec lattes cambers prix promo
3.3 344 VARIO 140 340 RDM 4 / 495€ /
3.7 354 VARIO 144 340 RDM 4 / 505€ /
4.0 372 VARIO 150 370 RDM 4 / 515€ /
4.2 374 152 370 RDM 4 / 519€ 439€
4.5 377 154 370 RDM 4 / 525€ 449€
4.7 393 158 370 RDM 4 / 539€ 459€
5.0 400 162 400 RDM 4 / 549€ 465€
5.3 411 166 400 RDM 4 / 559€ 469€
5.6 421 178 400 RDM 4 / 569€ /

voile point-7 salt pro 2019

Ewindsurf  vous présente les voiles Point-7 2019:

Voile Point-7 Salt Pro 2019:

 Suite au changement de mode de distribution , la Marque Point-7 a baissée ces prix jusqu'à 30% sur ces voiles 2019 pour un rapport qualité prix imbattable .

Malgré cette baisse de prix , Point-7 en partenariat avec Ricardo Campello continue à faire évoluer cette voile SALT Pro dans son programme Wave 4 lattes compact , avec un repositionnement des lattes du bas et de nouvelles pinces pour fermer plus la bordure .

Elle a été développé sur le mat Rdm C80% et individuellement pour chaque taille ce qui est rarement le cas . Légère et très neutre , elle restera stable dans le vent , pour vous permettre vraiment toutes les fantaisies .

 Salt pro


The SALT has been part of a continuous evolution since it was first introduced. Each size is tested separately according to the designated wind intensity for which the sail is designed for. The individual changes on each size have been made very specifically to create the perfect sail range. Sail profile, rotation and twist was tuned on each size to make the sails feel freer, and lighter in the hands to allow the riders to focus on the real deal. Development was focused on making the sail more comfortable in heavier conditions, especially on the smaller sizes; a lighter feel whilst giving more control to the rider for that extra comfort.


salt_battens_142x142-150x150 salt_cleweyelets_142x142-150x150


A balanced boom length and luff height. A medium cut foot to satisfy the need of the new moves which go close to freestyle, but at the same time low enough to give power. The reduced head outline shape allows a fast rotation of the sail, and a light feeling.


Four-batten construction, with some profile along the lower 2 battens to satisfy the drive on the bottom turn.


Two light ring eyelet positions.  The lower eyelet to create more opening of the lower leach to increase control in stronger wind, and the higher eyelet to increase power and acceleration. We do advise the upper eyelet, unless you are a lightweight sailor.


 salt_bodymaterial_142x142-1-150x150 salt_rigging_142x142-150x150 


Comprising high skin tension and a tight leech, with lots of S/shaping in the battens to give extra speed to jump higher. The Salt Pro has a very reactive and maneuver orientated ride, maintaining a slightly flat batten profile over the boom. The rotation of the battens is set so that the battens sit in the middle of the mast, when the correct trim is applied. This gives the stability in the drive, a quick change of tack in the moves or when riding.


A new Dacron panel was introduced to create earlier planing and more comfort in tough conditions. Mostly assembled in the 4mil Anti UV-Black X-ply Laminate – highly responsive. X-ply window only where it would not obstruct perfect vision while hitting the lip when riding waves, centered by 5mil monofilm. Light XXX Black Laminate to add comfort while hitting ramps at high speeds. The construction is light, but extensively tested on the water to make sure that it would still take the biggest crashes. 5mil Anti UV-Black X-ply base panel for protection from accidents. X-ply batten pockets for lighter weight and reflex


The Salt Pro is straightforward to rig, requiring an easy amount of force to counter its luff curve to set the rotation of the profile to obtain a slight lose leach which falls to the front point of the first top mini batten. Playing with the outhaul will boost up power or increase control but do give it good outhaul tension until you find your perfect performance. Tighten the bottom and top batten, but just remove wrinkles on the other battens, without over tightening them. The SALT PRO has been developed specifically on the C80 rdm masts.


Point-7 Salt Pro 2019

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