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Voile point 7 ac one 2018

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5.0 402 168 370 8 4 959€ /
5.6 420 183 400 8 4 999€ /
6.2 438 191 400 8 4 1059€ /
7.1 459 194 430 8 4 1099€ /
7.8 497 214 460 8 4 1119€ /
8.5 497 229 460 8 4 1159€ /
8.6 519 229 490 8 4 1169€ /
9.2 519 243 490 8 4 1189€ /

voile point-7 ac-one 2018

Ewindsurf  vous présente la voile Point-7  : AC-ONE 2018

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The PWA Slalom World Champion sail

The PWA Slalom World Champion sail.

Designed for: No compromise slalom sailors, who know how to attack jibes and are ready to feel the power of the beast when flipping the sail. For those who don’t just want to be on the podium, but want to be first!

The tests on magazines say: The fastest sail in downwind slalom racing.

The name AC-One derives simply from the initials and sail number of Andrea Cucchi put together. Point-7 founder, head of development, team manager and the man who last year decided to create a group of young professionals and have them train together under the name “BLACK TEAM”.

It’s character on land: Approach the AC-ONE and start feeling both a little scared and excited about what’s about to happen! The feeling is amplified tenfold when you launch the deep-drafted, scary-looking, PWA World Champion race sail.

It’s character on water:   Leaving the beach though you think ‘this is quite easy actually’ and then dare to crank up the throttle and see how you get on. Set it to 6th gear and be ready to absolutely fly! Why? Downforce! The AC-One pushes the deck down, eliminating any unwanted nose-lift from lively boards and absolutely charges through – or rather over – chop and swell. Yes, it’s insanely powerful. In fact, it is mega, turbo powerful – the acceleration is insane. But the force pins down the hull and leaves you in a nice, high position of control over the thumping V12 at the end of your arms. When it comes to jibing, the entrance to the jibe is easy thanks to its light profile at the rear part of the sail, but be ready to handle the boosted power of its acceleration once you flip the sail. If you think it’s not easy to harness the acceleration, well, this is what our champions need to be champions at the PWA!  If you are looking for something easier then, for sure, we advise our AC-K. But if you are technically skilled, you will enjoy each part of its performance, and then you’ll feel instant acceleration out of turns and dirty air.

Race Results: Men PWA SLALOM WORLD CHAMPION. Women PWA Vice World Champion. PWA Slalom Constructor Sail Champion.

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Point-7 AC-ONE 2018

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