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Voile point 7 ac k 7 8 2018

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ac-k 7.8



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voile point-7 ac-k 7.8 2018

Ewindsurf  vous propose  cette voile Point-7AC-K 7.8  d occasion 2018 qui est propre hormis une déchirure dans le fourreau  dans la partie haute qui a été réparée dans les règles de l'art  . Rien de grave pour cette voile en très bon état général et proposée remisé à -56%  soit 399€  soit une très bonne affaire à saisir .

Dossier photo disponible par mail .

Plus puissante que la version 2017 elle représente une très bonne synthèse de la voile de Freerace moderne .

Elle évolue en 2018 avec plus de creux dans sa partie avant et une tête moins large pour plus de puissance mais aussi plus de contrôle .

Vraiment très bien construite et équipée , elle conserve son système de latte inversées par alternance d'une armure sur l'autre . Elle dispose de repère pour la tension de chute et une graduation pour la rallonge sur la latte du bas . De plus une vidéo sur le site Point-7 vous guidera pour tous vos réglages .

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Designed for: Slalom speed seekers, who are looking for an easier race cambered sail.

Easier to jibe and water start against a full race sail. If you are still looking to be a national champion, with the AC-K there is no need to look for a full race sail to win. You can fight for the top speed on the water for hours without having to use the energy of a full race sail.

The magazines tests say: Test Winner in Planche mag and Wind Mag 2017.  10+ in speed and no other sail to match its performance.

Its character:   Take all the goodies from a full-on competition slalom sail, put them into a manageable package and you’ve got the AC-K. Featuring a medium sized luff pocket, a sweet smooth rotating 3-cam set-up combined with a lot of low-end power to get planing nice and early. The AC-K is a high-speed powerhouse that is easy to handle and sits ridiculously light in your hands, keeping the board at a steady hover above the water to give you the best possible control and speed out of your kit.

Development Target: The target is done by comparing the differences between the AC-K and AC-1. Reducing the differences in terms of performance, keeping in mind that it needs to stay a user-friendly sail especially on the water, when rotating the sail after the jibe, and keeping a high speed with a lighter feel in the hands. All this whilst still allowing the rider to save more energy, allowing you to stay on the water all day.

Outline: A real slalom sail figure. The base allows you to close the gap on your slalom or freerace board as with any racing sail. A negative leach to allow extra speed and acceleration whilst keeping a light feeling on the back hand. The top of the sail has a smaller head for more stability in stronger wind. The right mix between low and high aspect ratio duties.

Battens: 7 tubular battens to follow the pure slalom foil profile from the sail. Each batten exactly copies the set-up of our AC-One racing sail.

Eyelets: The choice to have two eyelets. The lower eyelet to create more opening of the lower leech to increase control in stronger wind, and the higher eyelet to increase power and acceleration. We do advise the upper eyelet, unless you are a lightweight.

Profile:  For 2018 we have brought an increase of profile in the front to increase the drive for earlier planing and acceleration in lighter winds. The drive is fundamental for carving the board better in the jibes. A deep front profile allows stability in stronger wind, therefore increasing comfort and control.

Foil: The front profile, due to its deeper profile set by the 3 cams, allows an existing smooth and stable entry for the wind to sit comfortable, and give the stability and pressure which transforms into drive and power.  The wind swiftly moves to give power exactly where the stance of our body is comfortably centered on the board, and releases quickly and smoothly through the back of the sail, to allow light back hand presuure for pushing on the fin. As the wind increases, the sail will automatically self-adjust its power, thanks to the S-Shaping, along the whole middle upper leach opening.

Cut out:  A medium size cut-out is introduced to allow a comfortable S-shaping release: Not as big as a race sail which would lose power in light-wind, but big enough to have the board to rail comfortably, and allow the wind and speed to increase through the foil as the wind picks up. This results in giving us the chance to increase our water performance without having to act with power and energy.  The shape of the cut out comfortably welcomes the back end of the boom.

Body Material:  Mostly assembled by the 4mil Anti UV-Black Laminate. Highly responsive and reactive for world champion performance. 5mil Anti UV-Black X-ply base panel for protection from accidents. Clear monofilm window for perfect vision through the sail. X-ply batten pockets for lighter weight and reflex.

Cams: Different size cams are placed in the sail to determine the light pressure and fast rotation on the higher cam, stability, profile and power on the lower cams

Point-7 AC-K 7.8 2018

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