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Voile neilpryde flight evo 2019

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flight evo



surface gindant wish mât rec lattes cambers prix promo
7 502 198/205 490 8 4 1499€ 1049€
8.0 536 210/217 520 8 4 1549€ 1085€
9.0 572 218/225 550 8 4 1599€ 1119€
10.0 607 226/223 550 8 4 1649€ 1155€

voile neilpryde flight evo 2019

Ewindsurf  vous présente les voiles Neilpryde 2019

Voile NeilPryde Flight Evo 2019:


The technology, ideas and concepts that are created and refined during the RS:Racing development process are ultimately applied to all of the sails in the NeilPryde range. Last year’s EVOX has introduced a milestone in the history of development of racing sails. Countless victories have shown the success of this new sail technology.

At NeilPryde we live and breathe innovation, however, seeing the performance of the EVOX we were for the first time hesitant to make deep cutting changes, because why change something that outperforms already on so many levels? Therefore, we focused on tweaking and improving some minor imperfections to make this year’s EVOXI, the 18th sail of the RS:Racing Evo series, even better than its predecessor while not fully revolutionizing it.


Pryde Flight Evo 19

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