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Mat gaastra c100 rdm 2018

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c100 rdm



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340 100 14 1.32 599€ /
370 100 17 1.40 619€ /
400 100 19 1.60 639€ /
430 100 21 1.70 659€ /

mat gaastra c100 rdm 2018

Ewindsurf vous présente ce mat Ga sails / Gaastra C100% rdm 2018 qui  sont en CC ( Constant Curve ) et une référence en terme de fiabilité , légèreté et nervosité . Il pourra équiper vos voiles de vague , Free Style et Freeride Gaastra mais aussi bien d'autres marques utilisant du constant curce  .

 Gaastra Mast 100% RDM 2017

In 2017 our mast range underwent a Constant Curve evolution.Using our exclusive E.N.I.R. Technology we were also able to reduce weights, improve mast response and maintain the strength and durability needed for our World champion team to take on the toughest conditions in the world. In 2018 this evolution continues with even more performance improvements.

The new GA masts are tougher and longer lasting than ever before. The most significant changes will come in our RDM range. With a slick black carbon finish the 2018 masts are lighter and more responsive than previous years. Our construction layup has been refined to reduce weight and improve the overall flex characteristics of the masts across the complete range.

We believe we have a mast to suit every level and budget in our 2018 range.Unrivalled performance combined with our incredible 2018 Sail range means there is no better rig to choose.

– 100 RDM –

The GA 100% RDM mast range are lighter and stronger than ever before. These masts must withstand the forces of mother nature and continue to do so as the GA Team pushes them to the limits! Built with the highest quality carbon fiber and cutting-edge technology the GA 100% RDM delivers ultimate performance time and time again.


Gaastra C100 RDM 2018

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