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Flotteur starboard futura lcf 2018

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futura lcf



long larg poids vol surf min surf max aileron prix promo
233 62 5.9 90 4.0 7.0 TT 34 2399€ /
235 67 6.15 97 4.5 7.5 TT 36 2399€ /
235 71 6.7 107 5.0 8.0 TT 38 2399€ /
230 77.5 6.85 117 5.5 8.5 TT 42 2399€ /
230 83 7.4 127 6.0 9.5 Dp TT Foil 44 2399€ /
230 88 7.7 137 6.5 10.0 Dp TT Foil 46 2399€ /

flotteur starboard futura lcf 2018

Ewindsurf  vous présente ce flotteur Starboard : La Futura 2018 qui sera disponible dans la nouvelle construction carbon LCF

 Nouvelle construction chez Starboard en 2018 avec le  Carbon  LCF , pour réduire l'empreinte carbone ( Vol en Co2 ) . En employant une résine Bio et un balsa à grain fin en remplacement du traditionnel PVC à base de pétrole . La fibre de carbone reste inchangée . Starbaord annonce une technologie plus solide , rigide et plus légère qu'une planche carbone classique .

Suite à la refonte complète de la gamme en 2017 ces Starboard Futura font partie des références dans cette famille Freerace  .

Pour avoir utilisé une Futura 127 x 83 cm LCF en 2018 je peux vous garantir qu'elle accepte des voiles allant de 9.2 à 7m pour un gabarit de 90 Kg 





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The test-winning freerace board for technical windsurfing, looking for the impossible: maximum speed mixed with comfort, control and jibing precision. The perfect board for long distance racing.
The Futura shapes are carried-over from 2017 with their shorter, wider outlines, thinner profiles, new tail shapes and new Vee distribution.
They are offered in two technologies: our new Carbon L.C.F. construction designed for the lowest weight but also the lowest carbon footprint and our Carbon Reflex construction, our very lightest technology that uses the most exclusive, lightest biaxial grade carbon fibres for an even lighter weight on the scales.

All Futuras use the equivalent size iSonic rockerline, the basis for their top racing performance.

They have an extra thin profile with a deep deck concave for maximum control, the lowest center of gravity and a more efficient, vertical sail position.

With lengths between 233 and 235 cm, the Futuras are relatively short, thin and wide for a wider wind range and planing efficiency.

Their narrow tails help improve jibing performance while the added area above the cut-aways improve jibe exit speed without affecting straight line performances.

The Futuras have a more pronounced Vee throughout the hull for jibing performance, comfort and a more lively ride.

Open-angle cut-away shapes prevent water trapping, reduce turbulence and wetted area to release more top end speed.

Resulting from the same design program as the iSonics, the Futuras have added volume above the cut-aways which helps to keep speed in and out of the jibe.

The rails are rounder and thinner than an iSonic for more carving bite and easy jibing.

They have a visible Carbon Innegra rail band that adds to the boards’ core structural stiffness.

The Futuras offer a more comfortable sailing position and more footstrap position options than the iSonics.

They come with a new generation of Drake Slick straps that are more comfortable than the Drake UltraLight straps and where the top cover is made from recycled plastic bottles, in partnership with Waste2Wear. They're strong and comfortable with strap-size indicators for easy adjustments.

The Futuras are fitted with Drake flagship’s Slalom DW Ready to Race fins, top-end production fins that will bring out the best in the Futuras.

The Slalom DW model provides huge amounts of speed and acceleration with a great jibing ability.

The Futuras are available in our ultra-light Carbon Reflex technology, a made-to-order, limited edition.

These are our very lightest boards built in the most exclusive, lightest grade biaxial carbon fibres on top of our innovative UltraCore sandwich core. The results are boards that are lighter than anything you’ve seen before.

They are also available in our new carbon construction designed for the lightest weight but also the lowest carbon footprint.

At 86 kg of CO2 emissions for a 117 liter board, Carbon L.C.F. is our most environmentally-friendly board yet, using bio resin and our exclusive end-grain Balsa sandwich core.


Starboard Futura LCF

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