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Flotteur starboard formula 177 2018

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formula 177



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227 100.3 9.6 177 8.5 12.5 Foil box 2999€ /

flotteur starboard formula 177 2018

Ewindsurf   vous présente le flotteur Starboard Formula 177 2018:

The light-wind, course racing powerhouse, with an all-new shape for 2018 and now also Ready to Foil.

Fit the Starboard Race foil and go upwind/downwind faster, more efficiently and at angles you’d never thought possible.

We adjusted the rocker, thickened the rails and extended the length of the cut-aways to improve upwind performance, top-end speed and lift and allow the new Formula 177 to fly around the course.

Our most powerful board, with the widest wind range and the earliest planing performance.


Starboard Formula 177 18

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