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Albeau signe pour 3 ans chez RRD

 ALBEAU signe pour 3 ans chez RRD

The whole RRD family in Grosseto, Italy, is extremely happy to welcome Antoine Albeau in the RRD team!

Antoine Albeau, Dylan Duffus, Aurelio Verdi, Ovidio Ferrari -Credit Eric


"The multiple world windsurfing champion Frenchmen is the highest profile athlete in windsurfing ever entered in our family.

His great windsurfing experience on water surfaces of all kind of the whole planet, will push our R&D team to develop boards and construction technologies that will be tested in the toughest
conditions where only top performance is the #1 priority.

We know Antoine is a highly demanding sailor of equipment trim and a perfectionist on every detail of his preparation before the race, and we gladly take the challenge with him to prove the world that together
we will be second to none.

Antoine will also help us in the development of new SUP boards designs where he has gained great experience and is capable of precious inputs and suggestions to develop new standards for this
important new water sport.

RRD and Antoine will join forces to represent the Italian company colours for the next 3 years and hopefully for many more years to come.

The challenge is on, and we love it.
Benvenuto a bordo ANTOINE!"
Roberto Ricci

Photo credit: Eric Bellande/RRD

Right after the signature Antoine had the following to say: "I'm really happy to join RRD for 3 years, I'm very confident in my new slalom boards and I'm very looking forward to the first PWA event.
We'll see how it will go... but I want to get all the first place!"

Photo credit Eric Bellande/RRD

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